What is Supergolf?

Supergolf.net is the online golf service for more affordable golf rounds. Book a Supergolf green fee via Supergolf.net to any of our almost 70 golf courses in Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Supergolf green fees are booked/paid easily through our website. 2023 Season will be the best Supergolf season so far, as the number of great golf courses in our service is higher than ever.

How to use Supergolf green fees

Get started:

    1. Register in Supergolf

      Start by registering as a Supergolf member. Yearly membership fee is only 20 € and it's valid throughout 2023. You also need to be a member in a golf club of your choice in order to book Supergolf green fees.
    2. Purchase a green fee package

      With a green fee package you'll get the best price. You can book green fees (from your package) to other Supergolf members too.
    3. Choose a golf course and date

      Choose a golf course in Supergolf.net and book your daily green fee from the reservation calendar.
    4. Book your tee time from the golf course

      After finishing your booking, call the golf course for a tee time. Inform the golf course reception you've booked a Supergolf green fee. On most Supergolf courses you can even play multiple rounds with the same Supergolf green fee.


How to get your Supergolf membership?

We welcome all golfers to join Supergolf by filling our registration form. Membership fee for 2023 is only 20 €. The Supergolf membership fee needs to be paid in order to book Supergolf green fees. If you've already signed up before, just log in and purchase your annual membership.

Note: it also pays off to recommend Supergolf to your friends. You'll get a 10 € referral bonus for every new paid up member.

Supergolf green fee packages:

You'll get the best overall price by choosing a green fee package. The bigger the package, the cheaper the green fee. You can choose between 5 - 50 Supergolf green fees. The package is purchased via our website and added automatically to your Supergolf-account after payment for instant use. You can then book a Supergolf green fee to any Supergolf course for yourself and/or any other Supergolf member. The green fee packages are valid until the end of the 2023 season.

Single Supergolf green fees:

You can also book single green fees. The price is higher than when using a green fee package but significantly lower than the normal green fee price from the golf course. Just choose your golf course and book the green fee(s). Single green fees are paid during booking. The price of a single green fee varies between different golf courses. Also, weekdays / weekends are priced differently.


Read also: Detailed instructions

Read also: Terms of use

Supergolf Ltd

Supergolf Ltd is a Finnish company, based in Helsinki. Our goal ever since 2004 has been to offer golfers a unique and flexible online service that gives our members a chance to play quality golf courses more affordably in Finland and the surrounding countries. Supergolf has in fact gained an enthusiastic customer base of 20,000+ golfers.

We strive in pushing forward to best serve golfers and golf courses. This said, we welcome all ideas for improvement. If you have one, feel free to shout it out loud to our customer service.

Contact us: info(a)supergolf.fi or +358 10 411 5670 (weekdays at 9-16).

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