Instructions is THE online golf service for more affordable golf rounds. As a member of Supergolf you can book a Supergolf green fee via our website to any of our almost 70 co-operation golf courses in Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Booking Supergolf green fees

How to use Supergolf green fees

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How to register in Supergolf
Booking green fees
Choose a player for your booking
Bookings from a green fee package
Paying for single green fees
Tee times
Cancelling your bookings
Changing a player when booking
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How to register for Supergolf

Start by registering as a member of Supergolf. Yearly membership fee is only 20 € and it's valid the whole 2023 season. We welcome all golfers to Supergolf. In addition to Supergolf membership, you also need to be a member at a golf club of your choice in order to book Supergolf green fees. During registration, you'll need to enter a valid email address, which will also become your Supergolf username.

Booking green fees

Start by signing in to Supergolf. Each golf course in Supergolf has its own reservation calendar where Supergolf green fees are always booked. The number of daily available green fees varies by each golf course and you'll see the available green fees by clicking on the reservation calendar (left side of the page). Above the golf course list, you can switch countries where you want to play or check the booking status for all golf courses.

Each empty slot in the reservation calendar represents an available green fee, one slot per person. A red cross means another Supergolf member has also made a booking on the same golf course. Choose a date and check one box per player in the calendar. Continue your booking below the calendar.

NOTE: If all boxes for the game date you chose are crossed, you'll have to choose another golf course. On most Supergolf courses you can use the same green fee for multiple rounds. Details about playing multiple rounds are mentioned in each golf course's reservation calendar.

Choose a player for your booking

Once you've checked the green fee(s) in the golf course's reservation calendar, click "CONTINUE TO PLAYER SELECTION" below the calendar. You'll see a summary of your booking.

  • If you're booking more than one green fee, name the other players. All players need to have an active Supergolf membership. You can search for the player by name OR Supergolf ID number

  • The reservation maker is chosen as a default player when booking green fees. Nevertheless, the player name can always be changed in case the reservation maker isn't going to play.

Once you've selected the right players, choose one of the following:

1) If you've purchased a green fee package, choose the option "USE SUPERGOLF GREEN FEES"

2) When booking single green fee(s), choose "ADD TO BASKET" and complete your payment with a payment method of your choice


Bookings from a green fee package

We recommend purchasing a green fee package as it brings the most value to your purchase with the cheapest green fee price. Once you've purchased your package and want to book a green fee, just login to You can always check the amount of remaining Supergolf green fees from "ACCOUNT BALANCE" on top of the page

  • Choose the golf course you want to play and pick a date in the reservation calendar. Pick the number of green fees you want to book (one per player). Choose "CONTINUE TO PLAYER SELECTION" below the calendar

  • Choose the player(s) for the green fee(s) and finalize the booking by choosing "USE SUPERGOLF GREEN FEES"
  • NOTE: Finalize your booking in three (3) minutes or it will expire

  • After successful booking, you'll receive an automatic confirmation email and the bookings are immediately visible also in "MY BOOKINGS" (top right corner of the page)


Paying for single green fees

You can pay for your bookings with safe and ease via Supergolf. On top of all Finnish online banks you can choose from major credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or American Express). Finnish sports vouchers can also be used as payment.

  • If you've added sports vouchers to your Supergolf account, you can use their value during payment by choosing "USE SPORTS VOUCHERS" at the cashier. Any remaining difference can be paid by choosing another payment method

  • Same (as above) applies with a Supergolf bonus. If you have a bonus, choose "USE SUPERGOLF BONUS" at the cashier
  • NOTE: Finish your payment in three (3) minutes or your booking will expire

  • After successfully booking, you'll receive an automatic confirmation email and the bookings are immediately visible also in "MY BOOKINGS" (top right corner of the page)


Tee times

Once you've booked Supergolf green fee(s), contact the golf course for a tee time. TIP: Before calling the golf course it's good to check the available tee times by clicking "TEE TIMES" in the golf courses reservation calendar. By doing this you already know your preferred time once you call the golf course reception (in Finland reception = Caddiemaster). You'll also find the golf course's phone number in the reservation calendar.

  • NOTE: Remember to mention you're using Supergolf already while booking the tee time

  • Once you arrive at the golf course reception on the game day, tell them you've booked via Supergolf.

  • The golf course reception has live information about all reservations on that golf course


Cancelling your bookings

If you need to cancel your booking, this can be done from "MY BOOKINGS" in your Supergolf account. Choose "CANCEL BOOKING" and confirm cancellation. Remember to also cancel your tee time from the golf course.

NOTE: Cancellation must be made before midnight the previous day for FREE cancellation. On the game day between 12 AM - 3 PM cancellation is possible for a 15 € cancellation fee. After this, cancellation is not possible but you can still change the player in "MY BOOKINGS". To enable making the booking process smoother for all Supergolf members, we recommend you cancel your bookings immediately after deciding you're not going to play. This way other Supergolf member will have a chance to make a booking.

During cancellation, Supergolf green fees booked with a green fee package are returned to the package and can be used on any golf course during the same season.

During cancellation, if you booked a single Supergolf green fee(s), the amount you originally paid is returned to your Supergolf account as Supergolf bonus. Bonuses can be used during the next 24 months.

Changing a player when booking

If you want to change a player in your booking, go to "MY BOOKINGS" and choose "CHANGE PLAYER". Remember to confirm the player change.

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